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Burmese Kittens

Burmese History

Burmese cats have existed in countries such as Thailand, Burma and Malaya for hundreds of years and were exported in the early 1900's along with Siamese cats. The first known Burmese to be exported to America was Wong Mau � a brown feline who was bought by Dr. Joseph Thompson; a breeder particularly interested in cats from the Far East. Dr. Thompson loved Wong Mau's stunning brown coat and gentle nature and wanted to find a way of producing more like her. Unfortunately, there were no other Burmese cats in America so he mated her with the Siamese breed, this resulted in three different coat colours; brown, beige and pointed {darker areas on the pointed features}.

The breed became accepted by cat fancy associations throughout America, but then people began mistaking Burmese cats and kittens for badly coloured Siamese cats. The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) stopped recognising Burmese as a pedigree breed until 1953. Like Siamese felines, Burmese were temple cats and their slender bodies resemble ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and drawings. Also, Burmese cats derived from Oriental cats mating with Siamese cats therefore it is understandable why so many people confused the two breeds.

It wasn't until nearly twenty years later (1949) that the first Burmese cats arrived in England, only three were brought over to begin with but more were imported later. The breed quickly became popular and like many other breeds around the UK, cat fanciers sought after them.

Burmese Appearance

Burmese cats are a medium build and most resemble the Siamese breed. They carry a lot of weight for their size and have quite a muscular appearance yet still appear elegant and graceful. Their coats are short and glossy (almost frosty looking) with a gorgeous velvety feel. Burmese cats can be found in a variety of colours including champagne, blue and sable (dark brown). The European Burmese however can be found in six additional colours as well; brown, chocolate, red, blue, lilac and cream and also (seal, blue, chocolate or lilac tortie). Their fur requires little grooming because it is so short and close-lying; Burmese cats can keep their coats looking beautiful and shiny all by themselves!

Burmese cats have a well rounded head that almost appears too small for their muscular bodies. Their eyes are large, expressive and oval shaped, tilting slightly inwards, eye colour ranges from creamy yellow to gold. Some Burmese cats have a dark brown (almost black) coat and bright cream (almost white) eyes and this contrast looks truly stunning. Ears are large and pointy with rounded tips and set quite far apart and nose is a medium size. The European Burmese has many of the same features as the Burmese, the main differences are the colour variations, a slightly narrower head and slightly longer body (European).

Burmese Character and Temperament

Burmese kittens are unbelievably playful and will get up to mischief whenever they can. They remain playful throughout adulthood and have a very high activity level. Burmese cats also have a very high intelligence level compared to many other domestic breeds, but still love to play and be involved in what you're doing. They are extremely affectionate towards their owners and are more than happy to be 'lap cats' if they think you are in need of the company. Burmese are people orientated and like to help you in your everyday tasks.

A difference between males and females has been recognised; if you want a cat that is inquisitive, active, highly playful and affectionate you should get a female. Male Burmese cats are much more chilled out. They are just as affectionate but like to relax more and only worry about one thing � their next meal! Neither male or female Burmese' like to be left on their own, they have a great need for attention and like nothing more than to snuggle up next to you on a warm cosy duvet.

  • Playfulness
  • Very High
  • Intelligence
  • Very High
  • Independence
  • Low
  • Attention Seeking
  • Very High
  • Affectionate
  • Very High
  • Activeness
  • Very High
  • Friendliness to Children
  • Medium
  • Friendliness to other Pets
  • Medium

    Burmese Lifespan

    Burmese cats have an average lifespan of 15 years but many of these cats live until they are between 18 and 20 years old.

    Average Litter Size

    5 or 6 in a litter is thought to be about average but these cats can have many more than that, sometimes even up to 12 or 13!

    Burmese Recognition

  • This breed has been given Championship Status by all respected Assosiations.
  • In 1996 the Burmese breed was ranked 11th out of 36 breeds by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).
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